Getting linked in to breakfast

For carnivores, at least, everything is better with bacon. But let’s not overlook the glory that is the breakfast link sausage. This, despite the old quote, “Laws are like sausages — it is better not to see them being made.”

In the mood for a Sunday-morning breakfast spread, we stopped by the butcher counter at Corti Bros. Market the day before and bought a bunch of fat, nicely spiced pork breakfast link sausages ($5.99 a pound). We were surprised to learn they are not made in-house, but come from the Sausage Factory in Carson City, Nev. However, Steve Borello, assistant manager of the meat department, does make from-scratch chicken breakfast sausage, Italian sausage and chorizo, all of which we’ve tasted and liked.

On Sunday morning, we placed the pork sausages in a shallow pan of water that was almost but not quite boiling, and rolled them around with a fork for, oh, six or seven minutes. Then we lined them up on a sheet of aluminum foil and put them under the oven broiler. A few minutes passed. Are they dark and crisp yet? When they were, we turned them over and crisped-up the flip sides. A wonderful aroma filled the kitchen.

We wrapped the sausages in paper towels and set them aside while blueberry pancakes and scrambled eggs came out of the black-iron skillets and onto plates. Then we divvied up the sausages, poured maple syrup on the pancakes, ground some sea salt and peppercorns on the eggs and dug in.

A bite of pancake, a bite of egg, a chunk of sausage, a sip of ice-cold milk. Can we do this every Sunday? How about once a month, just to appease the Cholesterol Police.

Corti Bros. Market is at 5810 Folsom Blvd. Sacramento; (916) 736-3800,