Local vegan blogger recounts vegan pop-up dinner

This was an incredibly busy weekend for all kinds of reasons, most notably perhaps for the chefs who were hosting pop-up dinners. The other day on this page, I told you about three exciting pop-ups happening in our area.

Pam Giarrizzo, a well-known local vegan and blogger, has already compiled a summary of the vegan dinner presented by chef Sylvanna Mislang and her new pop-up enterprise, The Roaming Spoon. This dinner was at Exhibit S, a large art gallery and studio space in the downtown mall.

To get her take and see photos of the food, visit Giarrizzo’s blog, Sacramento Vegan. The five-course dinner included cocktails, canapes and “a beautifully- presented watermelon radish carpachio,” Giarrizzo writes.

Beyond this one account of a special dinner, Giarrizzo’s blog is a tremendous resource for vegans (and part-time vegans) who want to know where they can go out to eat — and eat well — without consuming any animal products whatsoever.

If you’re feeling stymied about your vegan options, I encourage you to read through this prolific blog and see just how many vegan-friendly restaurants there are in the Sacremento region. Giarrizzo was especially busy in October during the “Vegan Chefs Challenge” in which restaurants preprared special vegan dishes.

Giarrizzo’s blog archive goes back to 2011 and includes a new entry about once a week. The website is