Check out this list of unbearable people who go to restaurants

A friend sent me a pretty amusing list of the many kinds of unbearable people who show up at restaurants. Check it out here. Do you know any of these people. Are you any of these people?

I chuckled at more than a few, including the guy who tries too hard to pronounce foreign words, the check-splitters gone wild (though I enjoy it even more when one of them gets out a pencil to do the calculations), the gluten-free evangelist, and the guy who hits on the server while leaving her 15 percent. Are you one of those who insists on tipping before the tax? How’s that workin’ out for ya, karma-wise?

Me? I am, indeed, a food thief. But it’s what I do for a living. And the “victims” know that going in.

Enjoy the list and, just a reminder, this is the holiday season — don’t forget those hard-working restaurant servers. An extra-large tip is the best way to thank them for great service. Hitting on them, while an option, is up to you and how much game you’ve got.