As Vic’s Ice Cream expands, let’s revisit the Vic’s vs. Gunther’s blind taste battle

The Bee’s Claudia Buck has some scoop in today’s Business section about expansion plans for Vic’s Ice Cream, a venerable Land Park institution for icy treats and lunch counter fare. According to the story, Vic’s will add an adjacent cafe which will serve Temple Coffee’s caffeinated brews and pastries from Old Soul.

Look for the upcoming Vic’s Cafe to open by the end of December.

This news makes us think back to summer, when The Bee tried to settle one of Sacramento’s great food arguments: Who makes the better ice cream - Vic’s or Gunther’s?

This blind taste test was conducted in a spirit of fun, but we did our best to create reliable test methods and assemble a well-rounded tasting panel. (That panel, pictured above, included Darrell Corti, Ella pastry chef Jane Anderson, and kids of course!)

But in the end, one old fashioned ice cream shop reigned supreme: Gunther’s, which bested Vic’s in three out of four categories.

Though December isn’t exactly ice cream weather, let’s harken back to those summer days. Our online poll is still open for readers to vote for their own favorite, so put the Thermos of soup down and click here.


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