Sriracha documentary to debut online Wednesday

Hot sauce aficionados are facing potential sriracha separation anxiety after a judge ruled in late November that the Huy Fong Foods sriracha factory must partially shut down due to odor complaints from neighbors. The horror! In the meantime, eBay has what’s purported to be “the last packet of Sriracha ever made” selling for a cool $10,000. (Yeah, right).

In happier news, the much awaited Sriracha documentary will debut online Wednesday starting at midnight central time. This ode to the beloved “rooster sauce” runs 33 minutes and costs $5 to stream and download. Learn about the origins behind this condiment craze, with scenes from the Huy Fong production facility, testimonials and scenes from Thailand, the birthplace and spiritual center of sriracha.

Note that sriracha itself isn’t a brand name, but the name of a chili sauce style. The sriracha that gets most of the press is the sriracha made by Huy Fong of southern California, with its well recognized rooster logo.

Ready to plunk down five bucks and get on with this sriracha show? Surf over to


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