Sacramento’s Temple tops Coffee Review’s best of 2013 list

Sacramento’s becoming better known as a beer town, but it’s already on the map as far as coffee is concerned.

Respected online coffee publication Coffee Review released its Top 30 Coffees of 2013 today, with Sacramento’s Temple Coffee and Tea earning the No. 1 slot for its Ethiopian Yirgacheffee.

“We selected the top 30 coffees based on quality (represented by overall score), value (reflected by most affordable price per pound), and a ranking of other factors that include distinctiveness of style, uniqueness of origin or tree variety, certification, and general rarity,” Kenneth Davids, Coffee Review editor, said in a statement.

Coffee Review has been using a 100-point wine-style review for coffees since 1997, but this is the first year they broke out the top 30. Temple’s Ethopian Yiragacheffee scored 96 points in their judging. The average rating for the top 30 was 94.4.

In their blind assesment, Coffee Review described Temple’s Ethopian as “immense and intricate in flavor and aroma, balanced in structure. Crisp, nut-toned chocolate; lush night-blooming flowers; ripe tangerine; pungent sandalwood in aroma and cup. Sweetly tart acidity; full, syrupy mouthfeel. Quietly but profoundly flavor-saturated finish.” (12 ounces of beans sell for $15.50).

This is far from Temple’s first award. The coffee and tea purveyor, with three locations in Sacramento, was named one of the best roasters in the U.S. by national food website The Daily Meal in August.

Photo: Sean Kohmescher is the owner of Temple Fine Coffee and Tea on 28th Street in Sacramento, Thursday, Aug. 6, 2009. (Michael Allen Jones)