Want a no-guilt treat? Try persimmon chips

Finally, here’s a guilt-free treat for last-minute holiday “bakers”: Persimmon chips.

This idea satisfies two cravings: Something sweet and a little crunchy. It’s a tasty alternative to cookies and candy — and kids like these chips, too.

Sliced thin enough, persimmon chips taste similar to oven-baked sweet potato chips. One large persimmon — about 70 calories — can yield a dozen chips. No oil is necessary, so no fat. Plus persimmons are high in anti-oxidants, vitamins and fiber. (And it’s a serving of fruit!)

All you need: One or two Fuyu persimmons (the flat kind), parchment paper, a cookie sheet, sharp knife and a hot oven. Cinnamon is optional, but adds to the holiday appeal — and makes the house smell great while baking.

Use a crisp but ripe Fuyu for crisper chips; softer fruit yields slightly leathery chips (which still are very tasty). Totally ripe persimmons (like a sack of jelly) are impossible to slice, so save those for pudding (or cookies).

The key to making these chips is to slice the persimmon as thin as possible; less than an eighth inch thick is ideal. No peeling is necessary.