Cash only restaurants? For real?

I recently visited a restaurant that doesn’t take credit cards. And, no, this is not a nostalgia piece about restaurants in 1975. It was just days ago. The last time this happened and I was stuck without cash, I used the on-site ATM, which charged me $1.75. Then my bank charged me $2 for cheating on it. I was not amused.

I wondered if I was the only one. So I asked some folks with whom I interact on Twitter to tell me how they felt. Are you OK with it? Annoyed? Or do you think it’s stupid?

If you’re like me, you carry just enough cash for little things. I often have less than $10 on me. Restaurants that are cash-only will argue it’s to keep menu prices down. Not a great answer — not in an era when I can use an iPhone app (Square) to pay for my coffee at Insight.

Here’s what a few Twitter folks said about it.

There have been several times where I thought about going to a restaurant, then realized it was cash-only, didn’t feel like going to an ATM and wound up eating somewhere else. I’m not sure how that is a good business practice, all in the interests of saving 35 cents or so on the transaction fees. And charging me 35 cents to use my card is even worse!

And last but not least, a tweet that took the words right out of my mouth:

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