Here’s one way to celebrate National Soup Month

Thai restaurants continue to pop up around the Sacramento area, which mostly is a good thing. Frankly, not all are up to the task of maintaining the quality of the traditional cuisine.

One of our longtime favorites is Thai Hut, owned and operated by husband-wife Ten and Tuck Siri. We dropped by the other night for delicate potstickers with ginger sauce; marinated shrimp wrapped in egg rice paper, deep-fried and served with sweet ‘n’ sour sauce (and spoonfuls of hot chile sauce); and pad see ew (wide noodles) with chicken and crisp veggies.

January is National Soup Month, so we went with the flow with a big bowl of steaming soup. The broth was chunky with green-lip mussels, fish, calamari, prawns, chile peppers, noodles, green onion and garlic.

We ended dinner with slices of sweet mango from Mexico, which were good enough. However, Tuck Siri informed us that the mangoes will be better in a few weeks. We’ll be back to find out and sample some of the five mango-centric specials on the whiteboard. Mango fried rice and stir-fried fish with mango sound about right.

Thai Hut, 5800 Madison Ave., Sacramento, (916) 348-1880,