Proposed new arena to include farm-to-fork elements

The drawings of Sacramento’s proposed new arena have been all the buzz around Sacramento today. But beneath all the talk of public subsidies, urban development and other civic-speak, there’s some nuggets that local food and agricultural enthusiasts can chew on.

The public plaza adjacent to the proposed arena would include tomatoes growing in hydroponic gardens - now, how “Sacratomato” is that? - and almond trees lining a sunken outdoor area dubbed the “bosque.”

That’s to say that farm-to-fork initiatives pushed by local civic officials, including Mayor Kevin Johnson, and Sacramento’s chefs just might leave their stamp on a new arena.

Some of this eat-local ethos has already been embraced at the current Sleep Train Arena, which introduced a farm-to-fork buffet in its luxury suites in October. Local craft beers were also introduced recently to the arena’s concessions, albeit at a stiff price.

We’re expecting more of this local flavor with the brand spanking new arena. And at that time, let’s hope the arena folks improve the quality of the food, which according to The Bee’s Blair Anthony Robertson, was too mediocre for its captive-audience pricing.


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