A tire blowout causes major damage to a Drewski’s truck

Drewski’s, one of the most successful food trucks to hit the local scene, suffered a setback Sunday afternoon when one of the company’s two food vehicles suffered a tire blowout on the freeway.

The truck, with three employees, was returning to Sacramento from an event in Pleasanton when the tire blew out. The driver was able to keep the large truck under control and no one was injured.

“The tread on the tire came off and then one of the back tires blew out,” said owner Andrew “Drewski” Blaskovich. “The steel tread was still hanging on the tire and every time it rotated the tread would just slap the undercarriage of the truck.”

Blaskovich was at his brick and mortar business at McClellan Park when the incident happened.

Drewski’s has two trucks. Blaskovich said food trucks cost about $90,000 for the kitchen build-out alone and the completely furnished trucks are worth $130,000 to $150,000 each.

By the time the driver could bring the truck to a halt, the flailing steel tread had caused major damage to the undercarriage. What’s more, there was a delay in getting a large enough tow truck to the food truck, which pulled over near Benicia. The blowout happened at 4:30 p.m. and Blascovich said the truck was towed back to Sacramento at around midnight, costing about $650.

“Hopefully, the damage is not as bad as it looks,” he said.

Nevertheless, he pledged Monday to get the truck back on the road “by later today,” enlisting the services of a special mechanic to do emergency repairs.

“I try to look for the good in everything. Nobody was hurt,” Blaskovich said. “It was a huge ordeal. But hey, that’s what I signed up for.”

If you’re curious about Drewski’s creative take on sandwiches and other comfort foods, check out the expanded menu at his new brick and mortar location, which opened about four months ago at McClellan Business Park. (5504 Dudley Blvd.)

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