Take the ‘Which Downtown Sacramento Restaurant Are You?’ quiz

Log on to Facebook at any point and you’re likely to find someone posting the results of some silly quiz i.e. “Which Spice Girl Are You?” “Which Sandwich Are You?” But here’s a truly 916-centric quiz that’s a must for the local food inclined: “Which Downtown Sacramento Restaurant Are You?”

This quiz was constructed by our pal Rodney Blackwell of Sacramento Foodways and fame. Within just a few clicks you can find out which restaurant is the equivalent of your spirit animal, with such results as Ella Dining Room & Bar, Tuli Bistro, Mulvaney’s B&L, Biba’s and Waterboy. Just answer a few multiple choice questions about your favorite drinking, menu and underwear habits, and a complex algorithm will crunch the data and provide you with the answer.

Just for the record, I am evidently “Mulvaney’s B&L” and can “praise the lard with the best of them.” Have fun playing at home or while the boss isn’t looking ... and here’s a few quiz possibilities we’d like to see in the future:

“Which south Sac taqueria are you?”

“Which local burger are you?”

“Which Sacramento dive bar are you?”

“Which food truck are you?” ... and “Which local chef are you? (music section would ask to choose between Italian opera, Mac Dre, Pearl Jam, Black Flag and Los Tigres Del Norte).

Once again, click here to take the quiz.