'Pope of foam' stars in award-winning documentary

If California has a “Mr. Beer,” it’s got to be Charles Bamforth. The UC-Davis professor of malting and brewing sciences is known around campus as the the “pope of foam,” which tells us a whole lot about his cred.

Bamforth stars in a documentary titled “The Art and Science of Beer,” which recently won a TASTE award for Best Mini-Film or Documentary.

“The Office of the President was commissioning some films to illustrate what goes on in the University of California as a whole,” Bamforth told the California Aggie, the UC-Davis campus newspaper. “They selected two topics from Davis and we were one of them.”

Bamforth is known for holding forth on the topic of beermaking, and told the Aggie, “It’s an art form as far as it speaks to a quality of life. It’s not just the science of making the beer, it’s the imagery of that beer, it’s the presentation of the beer (and) it’s the circumstances of which you drink it.”

To read the article in the Aggie, click here.