Passmore Ranch hires former manager of Feeding Crane Farms

Many in the local culinary community were disappointed in the demise of Feeding Crane Farms, which burst onto the Sacramento scene as an urban organic farm with all kinds of progressive ideas. While the farm didn’t last, for various reasons, the work of its manager, Shannin Stein, had an impact on many.

Stein initially landed at Broderick Roadhouse, but recently signed on for a new gig at Passmore Ranch, the sustainable aquaculture fish farm in Sloughhouse.

I caught up with owner Michael Passmore and asked about the hire, a good example of how making an impression and building a network can lead to new job opportunities.

“We had become friends back when she was at Feeding Crane when she ran their show over there,” Passmore said. “I admired what she did. I grew to respect her perspective. We kept in touch.”

One day, Stein visited Passmore Ranch and, during the course of a discussion, let it be known that she missed the farming part of her job.

“We weren’t really in a position to get someone like her, but she and I kept talking and she started here (two weeks ago),” Passmore said.

Passmore, whose core business is supplying fish to restaurants, recently rolled out a new venture called “Provisions“ to cater to the home cook. Stein will oversee Provisions, along with other duties.

Provisions will supply fish to homes in weekly, bi-weekly or monthly deliveries, Passmore said, featuring “the same fresh fish that our professional chefs get. It’s unprecedented access.

“It was great that I’ve been unknowingly interviewing her for several years now,” Passmore added. “I’ve seen her level of getting it done, her level of competency. I know I can count on her to get things done and represent us in a manner that’s consistent with who we are, and that’s really important to me.”

So what’s Stein’s title? They’re still thinking one up, apparently.

“We’re just not real huge on titles,” Passmore said with a laugh. “We have a joke that you can’t give yourself your street name – your street name has to find you. She’s going to have a lot of responsibility out here and her title will find her. I’m already counting on her for a good deal of things.”