Getting the word from the pros

Setting the bar for the nation’s cooking/dining/dining scenes is the the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP), whose members “work in culinary education, communication, or the preparation of food and beverage.” It’s a serious body whose mission is to “serve as a resource and support system for food professionals worldwide.”

Among the honors it bestows is the annual IACP Cookbook Awards “to honor excellence in cookbook writing and publishing.” Try this sampling of winners; for the complete list, go to

“The Lee Bros. Charleston Kitchen” by Matt Lee and Ted Lee

“Vegetable Literacy” by Deborah Madison

“Cuisine & Empire: Cooking in World History” by Rachel Laudan

“Stone Edge Farm Cookbook” by John McReynolds

“Savory or Sweet: The Art of French Pastry” by Jacquy Pfeiffer

“The Chelsea Market Cookbook: 100 Recipes from New York’s Premier Indoor Food Hall” by Michael Phillips, with Rick Rodgers

“The Perfect Meal” by John Baxter

“Eat, Drink, Vote: An Illustrated Guide to Food Politic” by Marion Nestle

As for culinary websites and blogs: