Limited-edition muffins and bagels are full of vanilla, cinnamon and maple

Did someone light a maple-scented candle? That’s what the kitchen smelled like even before we opened the plastic bag of Thomas’ Maple French Toast-flavored bagels. Depending on how much you like maple syrup — or don’t — the overwhelming aroma could be a good thing — or not.

The maple-flavored bagels join Thomas’ Cinnamon Vanilla English muffins as part of the venerable company’s new Limited Edition offerings. They’re available now through July.

From July through October, look for Apple Pie Bagels and Apple Pie English muffins. Cranberry English muffins will be on store shelves October through January. Prices range from $3.99 to $4.69 in supermarkets.

We popped the bagel halves into the toaster and got puffy, softer-than-expected but flavorful rounds. The intense maple smell had backed off in the toasting process, making for a pleasant mini-breakfast. We were tempted to dip the bagels in eggwash and saute them in bubbling butter, but came to our senses in time.

The English muffins fared better. The crisp rounds popped out of the toaster smelling and tasting lightly of cinnamon and vanilla, with plenty of Thomas’ trademark “nooks and crannies.” Those are the little pockets that hold melted butter or orange marmalade, if you choose. We ate them plain and liked them a lot.