These graters double your pleasure

Need a grater sharp and sturdy enough to handle tough jobs — but safe for even a kitchen klutz to use?

Kuhn Rikon, the Swiss cookware experts, have introduced two new dual graters that fit that description. Each offers two sides with a different cut: coarse and ribbon in one combination; fine and medium on the other.

In our test, the coarse-cut blade whipped through carrots and potatoes while, with the reverse side, ribbons of cheddar were a snap. On the other tool, the fine-cut blade grated nutmeg with ease while the medium-cut blade was perfect for Parmesan cheese and chocolate. The 1.5-inch width of the blades also made it simple to direct where the gratings fell, an important asset when distributing toppings.

The razor-sharp stainless steel blades are encased in a thick plastic handle that doubles as a compact storage case. When fully extended, the grater and handle measures more than 13 inches long; it collapses down to just under 8 inches for storage. The graters are dishwasher safe, but hand washing is recommended.

The textured handle feels like a baton and is easy to grip for a firm hold. To store, press the triangular button release and the blades slide down into the case, safely stashed. Available in red or avocado green, the graters ($15) are available at home goods stores or click on