Darrell Corti takes you to Hong Kong and China

How would you like to take a 12-day trip to Hong Kong and China with internationally recognized food and wine expert (and self-described “grocer”) Darrell Corti of Sacramento? In a vicarious way, of course.

In October, Corti was invited to speak at the annual International Tea Industry Fair in Xaimen, China.

“I got to tag along to document the trip on Corti TV, our audiovisual blog window into Darrell’s world travels and the business of his store,” said Corti Bros. Market director Rick Mindermann. “The blog contains 997 photos, 94 edited videos and commentary on the trip. We visited four international trade shows, 20 restaurant and eating venues and four tea houses, and even managed to do some very interesting sightseeing in between.”

To date, Corti TV has had 87,000 views in 160 countries.

To whet your travel-dining appetite, watch the Hong Kong-China trailer here. To take the full trip, click here.

Corti Bros. Market is at 5810 Folsom Blvd., Sacramento, (916) 736-3800,