Sacramento's cocktail scene receives another round of national recognition

Sacramento’s craft cocktail community is buzzing with good cheer with the national spotlight once again on the city. Just a month following Shady Lady being named by Esquire as one of the top 25 bars in America, Sacramento is the subject of a lengthy feature in the latest issue of Imbibe, one of the leading magazines for cocktail culture.

Titled “California Dreaming,” the feature takes readers through a tour of Sacramento’s key spots for cocktails and introduces many of its key players. Among the bartenders shown in glossy color: Chris Tucker of Hook & Ladder, Ryan Seng of Grange, Hock Farm’s Brad Peters and more. The story also includes Sacramento-style recipes to try at home, including Peters’ “Margarita de la Primavera,” which gussies up the traditional Mexican drink with Campari, muddled strawberries and a few dashes of rhubarb bitters.

The story also details Shady Lady as the nexus of Sacramento’s cocktail scene given that many of Sacramento’s key bartenders and managers once worked there, including Tucker, Seng, Peters and Matt Nurge of Red Rabbit.

Sacramento’s previously been on Imbibe’s radar. The magazine listed Sacramento as one of its top 10 places to visit in 2013, but this latest story goes into even greater detail about the movers and shakers of Sacramento cocktails and the synergy between many of its establishments.

The digital version of this new story won’t be posted on Imbibe’s web page until July 1, so pick up an issue for now at the local newsstand to read more. In the meantime, that “Margarita de la Primavera” is sounding pretty tasty right about now.


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