Just in time for the crushing heat: Block gets its ailing AC fixed

If you’ve checked the weather app on your phone or heard the local forecast in recent days, you knew this was coming: a major assault of heat is descending upon Sacramento. It’s supposed to get up to 108 degrees Fahrenheit today.

That’s not hot enough to cook a pizza or fry an egg, but it’s plenty uncomfortable if you’re AC is on the fritz. The weather forecast made me think of Block Butcher Bar, the stylish place adjacent to LowBrau on Sacramento’s 20th Street that specializes in charcuterie and whiskey.

I stopped by close to midnight Friday to end my evening with a nice whiskey on the rocks. The heat hit me right in the face. The air-conditioning had gone out. I had a nice time, but after 30 minutes in the stuffy and overheated bar, my friend and I were ready to get out of there.

When I saw it was going well into triple digits today, I called executive chef Michael Tuohy and asked about Block’s erstwhile sweltering ambiance.

“It was quite the ordeal,” Tuohy said Monday. “We lost a compressor and had a compressor over-nighted.”

But the repairs could not be made until Saturday.

“It was pretty uncomfortable for a couple of nights,” Tuohy said with a laugh.

If you’re interested in trying some of Block’s top-shelf whiskeys and excellent charcuterie, stop by and cool your heels in one of the best-looking bars in town.