Specialty Coffee Week Sacramento planned for October

If you’re the least bit into coffee, you already know that Sacramento has emerged as a well-respected coffee town. We have plenty of great coffee houses and roasters, and the scene is flourishing.

We told you as much in a recent special issue of Feast.

Now comes word that Specialty Coffee Week Sacramento is set to take place Oct. 13-19. Details have yet to be ironed out, but the major players in local “third-wave” coffee – including Chocolate Fish, Temple, Old Soul and Insight – are pooling their resources to come up with a week devoted to showcasing and celebrating excellent coffee.

The events will likely be modeled after the wildly successful Beer Week, which has grown annually and, this past February, featured dozens of events large and small – beer dinners, beer tastings, brewfests and much more – and attracted thousands of participants.

Can coffee do the same thing? Possibly, but it seems like the event will have a unique set of challenges.

While coffee is a communal beverage and many of us enjoy hanging out at coffee shops, it is not necessarily a party drink. It may wake us up, make us smarter and it even helps us perform better while exercising. But it doesn’t make the jokes seem funnier or the people around us better looking. That said, I’ve had more than a few coffee beers lately and there are plenty of coffee cocktails out there.

I know coffee can bring folks together for good times. On June 12, I attended the finale of SPLAT, the latte art contest, and it was a packed house at Old Soul in the alley. Previous monthly editions of the competition were also SRO.

According to a press release for Specialty Coffee Week, “types of events for the week may include classes on coffee preparation, coffee tastings, chef collaboration for coffee centric dinners, coffee cocktails, latte art contests, talks and slide shows from farm visits, to name a few.”

We will have more details on this new event as they emerge in the coming weeks.