Hold, Peel, Pop: A clever kitchen tool

Our kitchen tool drawer already has its share of what-is-it’s, but this new item actually is pretty useful — once you figure out what it does.

Called the “Hold, Peel, Pop,” this three-prong tool from Kuhn Rikon keeps vegetables and fruit securely in place for easy peeling while keeping your fingers at a safe distance from the peeler or knife. Once done, push the handle down and the peeled item pops right off. Suggested retail price is $8; available at and kitchen stores.

See Hold, Peel, Pop in action at

In our test, it was strong enough to hold a large potato in place and made peeling faster (and safer). It also worked great with apples. For carrots, just holding the vegetable was easier than inserting the prongs. But the tool proved handy for turnips, beets and other vegetables that can get slippery (or messy) while peeled. This tool also can double as an easy-grip fork to hold items in place while cutting.