Consumer Reports’ surprise winner for best burger can be found locally

A burger chain with outposts in Sacramento, Davis, Elk Grove and Granite Bay was just named best in America by Consumer Reports, beating out better-known burger vendors In-N-Out and Five Guys.

Founded in Santa Barbara in 1969, The Habit Burger Grill offers a fairly classic signature burger: meat with lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions, mayonnaise and pickle on a toasted bun. The chain, with branches throughout California, Utah and Arizona, also serves fare less expected at a burger spot, such as a barbecue chicken sandwich and an albacore tuna sandwich.

By 10:45 Friday morning, The Habit’s website was down, perhaps due to millions of Americans simultaneously trying to figure out how they could get their hands on a burger they had just heard of. For now, anyone who lives on the East coast is out of luck. But that will change later this year when the company’s first eastern franchise opens in Fair Lawn, New Jersey.

Back in Sacramento, Habit Burger will reportedly become one of the few chains to open a spot in midtown, taking on 2,500 square feet in a building on 16th and O streets.