Limited-edition muffins and bagels are full of apple and cinnamon

Last April, Thomas’ bakery introduced limited-edition offerings of maple french toast-flavored bagels and cinnamon-vanilla English muffins, which were available until earlier this month. They were especially tasty when toasted, of course, filling the kitchen with the scents of maple and vanilla.

Now the 130-year-old company — owned by Bimbo Bakeries of Lehigh Valley, Pa. — is back with more limited-edition products, this time cinnamon-redolent Apple Pie English muffins and bagels. They’re on store shelves now through October, for about $4 to $4.50 per package.

We repeated the April taste test with the new products, with similar results. We popped the bagel halves into the toaster, but they were too soft when they popped up. So we toasted them some more and got crisper but still puffy bread that tasted and smelled like .... well, apples and cinnamon, which was a good thing.

The English muffins came out of the toaster crisper and pleasingly thinner (naturally), maintaining a less-intense aroma of apple and cinnamon than before they went in. They had plenty of Thomas’ trademark “nooks and crannies,” the little pockets that hold melted butter or jam (in our case, chunky apple butter).

We liked them just fine, though we think the apple-cinnamon theme will work better as the weather cools down.

We wondered what Thomas’ has planned for fall and winter, so phoned to ask. Look for Pumpkin Spice to debut in mid-September, and Cranberry to hit store shelves in October. The Pumpkin Spice flavor has been so popular in past years that Thomas’ has had to work overtime to meet the demand.

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