Wine tasting of the week: Pink Party at Enotria

Let’s raise a glass and think pink. The sweltering days of summer have arrived, but it’s the opportune time to sample rosé. While these colorful wines may have once been sniffed at by certain circles of wine snobs, rosé has enjoyed a renaissance due to their food friendliness and refreshing character, especially when sipping on a warm day.

Rosés are found in a variety of hues, from salmon pink to darker expressions that could pass for beaujolais nouveau. Their flavor profiles are varied, too, including subtle strawberry notes to full-bodied versions that don’t hold back on fruitiness. Even better: scoring a great bottle of rosé for $15 or under is fairly easy.

For those looking to explore the wide world of rosé, Enotria will be holding a Pink Party on Friday with a tasting of 14 roses from around the world and pink foods prepared by chef Gabriel Glasier. Guests are encouraged to wear their finest pink outfit, and the best will win a magnum of Red Car Bybee Vineyard Rosé.

The event is being organized by Matthew Lewis of wineCentric, and he intends on making the competition fierce by sporting a pink seersucker jacket.

The event costs $25 and runs from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.. Enotria is located at 1431 Del Paso Blvd. To reserve a spot: (916) 922-6792.