Chando's burrito comes close in national contest

Statistician-journalist Nate Silver and his colleagues are having some fun at their “polling aggregation” webite and blog,, where Silver is editor-in-chief.

In March, they set out to find the nation’s top 64 burritos, and they’re still in the process of narrowing the field from the original 67,391. As the judgings continue, some restaurants move along in their respective brackets, others fall off the table. Sort of like sports playoffs.

The recent contenders in the West Coast bracket included a burrito from one of Sacramento’s best Mexican restaurants, Chando’s Tacos. Chando’s went up against three San Francisco restaurants and finished second with 91 points, behind Taqueria Cancún with 94, but ahead of El Farolito (86) and HRD Coffee Shop (84).

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