Trails restaurant to close, but prospective buyer on board

The end of the trail is coming up for Trails restaurant after a multi-decade run. Owner Gin Wong is retiring from running this signature Land Park eatery, which will shut down in the coming weeks.

The restaurant opened in 1952 and was originally owned by Esther Williams, a competitive swimmer known in Hollywood as “The Million Dollar Mermaid,” along with her husband, Greg. Wong assumed ownership of Trails in 1978.

Trails was known for its charbroiled ribs and other meaty fare, but according to The Bee’s Blair Anthony Roberston, had seen much better days.

And here’s a tip of the hat to our blog pal Cowtown Eats, who clued us to the looming shut down of Trails restaurant. Wong’s son announced the closure via Reddit and the restaurant’s Facebook page. Here’s a bit from the announcement:

“As you can see, the realization that our beloved Trail's will be shutting its doors for the last time in the coming weeks, is very bittersweet. My dad is not exactly a young spring chicken anymore, and we decided as a family a few months ago that, like Hollywood, it is best to leave the game at your peak. My dad is healthy still, the family has grown up and is growing, so it's time for my dad to refocus his time, spend it with his family finally, and let Trail's, or it's next incarnation, to continue to provide good food and service to the Sacramento community.”

The restaurant and its property went up for sale in the spring for $500,000. Cole Miller, the real estate broker for the restaurant, says a prospective buyer has been found. The space is expected to remain a restaurant, and is currently in a “soft escrow” phase. More details about the buyer and future plans will be revealed, perhaps by next week, as the transaction moves along.

The full announcement can be found here.


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