Price slashed for Broderick Roadhouse’s ‘Off the Bridge’ dinner

Even at $75, the Broderick Roadhouse “Off the Bridge” dinner scheduled for Sept. 28 was a relative deal. The multi-course meal on the final day of Sacramento’s “Farm-to-Fork Week” celebrations was designed as a more affordable alternative to the $175 Tower Bridge dinner that same day - not to mention some relief from the abundance of pricey farm dinners held regularly throughout the region.

But the owners of Broderick Roadhouse (319 6th St., West Sacramento) have now slashed its “Off the Bridge” price, which will now cost $40. This dinner debuted during 2013’s “Farm-to-Fork Week” festivities with a $45 cost, but rising production and food costs mandated a higher price this year. Matt Chong, the co-owner of Broderick Roadhouse, said he was hearing from folks that even the $75 cost had priced them out from buying a ticket. So, the price has been slashed and the event scaled back to a more intimate affair for 50 to 60 people, down from the 250 who attended last year.

“Farm-to-Fork is definitely a great thing but you really have to understand where the roots come from,” said Matt Chong, co-owner of Broderick Roadhouse. “We wanted to get away from the idea of farm-to-fork as a white tablecloth thing, and make it more grassroots. The majority of the people who foster the food community can’t afford an expensive ticket to a dinner. We wanted to do something a lot more accessible.”

The exact menu is still being worked out, but will be presented as a family style affair on Broderick Roadhouse’s outdoor patio.

Those who bought a $75 “Off the Bridge” ticket will get their money refunded. The $40 tickets will go on sale Saturday at 9 a.m., via a link posted on Broderick Roadhouse’s Facebook page and Twitter.