Join our taste-testers for two kinds of chips

Two flavors of chips from Indianlife.
Two flavors of chips from Indianlife.

Chips from two companies arrived at Snack Central the other day, so we lined up our panel of tasters and broke open the bags.

From Lundberg Family Farms were multigrain chips in five flavors. From Indianlife were bags of masala and samosa chips, made from “authentic family recipes and exclusive spice blends.”

Each chip was judged for taste and texture, with a maximum of 40 possible points in each category. One theme that emerged saltiness — generally, there was too much. Ironically, though, the chips that scored highest were Lundberg’s High Tide Sea Salt. Comments about it included: “Good with or without dip.” “Nice balance of salt.” “Seasoning complements the grain flavor.” “Lighter than the others.” “Pair them with beer.”

Another theme: The chips were either too spicy or not spicy enough. Most of the tasters liked the chips’ textures. Here’s how they fared:


Mendocino tomato and herb: 24 for taste, 30 for texture

Shasta chipotle lime: 18 and 25

Smoky redwood barbecue: 11 and 25

High Tide sea salt: 28 and 32

Mojave jalapeno: 14 and 20.


Masala: 21 and 18

Somosa: 8 and 18

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