The tale of the dog that bit us at the Wienery

The Summer Dog at the Wienery is loaded with house-made cucumber relish.
The Summer Dog at the Wienery is loaded with house-made cucumber relish.

As one might expect, Chicago hot dog emporiums dominated the “America’s 75 Best Hot Dogs” list, as compiled by The Daily Meal, the all-things-food-and-drink website.

Though let’s note the list’s top dog is at Katz’s Deli in New York City (“These garlicky, natural-casing, jumbo-size all-beef dogs have a nice char, and snap when you bite into them”), followed at No. 2 by the wiener at Pink’s in Los Angeles (”Credit much of Pink’s success to its chili; it once led then-New York Times restaurant critic Ruth Reichl to go dumpster-diving to figure out the recipe — true story).”

Though Sacramento didn’t make the list, our town has its share of ... well, doggone good dogs. Among our go-to’s is the Wienery, an East Sacramento landmark. There, husband-wife Hector Meza and Carolyn Canas turn out old-fashioned filler-free steamed dogs (and Italian and Polish sausages) in an array of styles, along with from-scratch soups and chili.

We stopped by the other day and sat at the counter, which is the place to be. Soon, Mesa delivered a cup of veggie-rich minestrone soup, a Summer Dog and a frozen mug of root beer. The pops-to-the-bite dog was covered in fresh tomato, hot (by request) mustard and spicy, house-made cucumber relish, which had more of a bark than a bite. Now you see it, now you don’t.

The Wienery is at 715 56th St.; 916-455-0497,

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