Yoplait introduces grainy Greek yogurt to the dairy case

Yoplait’s new line of Greek flavor is sold in eight flavors.
Yoplait’s new line of Greek flavor is sold in eight flavors.

The international yogurt company Yoplait — distributed by General Mills in the U.S. — just debuted its newest twist on the dairy snack. Plenti is “plentiful Greek yogurt” in eight flavors, with the addition of whole-grain oats, flax seeds and pumpkin seeds.

Which sounds great, but there a couple of problems. For one thing, our tasting panel discovered those once-crunchy add-ins had absorbed liquid from the yogurt and had turned gummy. One taster suggested it would be expeditious for consumers to simply add their own toppings to their favorite fruit yogurt.

Another issue: The yogurt itself seemed to lack the thick and creamy mouthfeel that characterizes Greek yogurt, and instead seemed surprisingly thin. With so many yogurt choices, consumers may well taste Plenti and move on.

Pletni is $1.59 for a 5.5-ounce cup, in most supermarkets.

Here’s a sampling of comments from our tasters. Flavors are arranged in order of tasters’ preferences, with scores out of a possible 120 points.

Black cherry (76 points)

Appearance: “Nice color, smells very good.” “Good color, fewer noticeable seeds and grain than in other flavors.” “Dive right in.”

Taste: “Sweet and fruity.” “Fresh and inviting.” “The best flavor by far.”

Texture: “The grain is a turn-off.” “Seems to have the most body.” “Could be thicker.”

Blueberry (71)

Appearance: “I liked the color.” “Vibrant and inviting.” “Looked better than it tasted.”

Taste: “Blueberry is a strong enough flavor to hold up to the seeds.” “Decent.” “Very fruity.”

Texture: “Finding real blueberry was a pleasant surprise.” “Liked the fruit.” “More fruit, please.”

Coconut (61)

Appearance: “Bright white.” “Looks liquid-y.” “Fresh-looking.”

Taste: “Well-blended coconut flavor.” “Doesn’t taste like coconut.” “Coconutty, tropical and refreshing.”

Texture: “Creamy and satiny.” “Not very thick.” “Seeds and coconut bits made it feel like cooked oatmeal.”

Raspberry (53)

Appearance: “OK at best.” “Looks like raspberry to me.” “Weird color.”

Taste: “Like most raspberry flavors, not even close to real berries.” “Sharp and sweet.” “Weak taste and smell.”

Texture: “The grains are larger than the raspberry pieces.” “Raspberry seeds make it extra bad.” “Like the blend of fruit and yogurt, but lose the grain.””

Peach (52)

Appearance: “Nice pink hue.” “Unpleasant color.” “Almost has a healthy glow.”

Taste: “Again, grains are bitter.” “Not natural.” “A stronger peach smell than peach flavor.”

Texture: “The mushy seeds dominate the experience.” “Can’t get past the seeds.” “Where are the chunks of peach?”

Strawberry (51)

Appearance: “Nice pink hue.” “Looks like traditional strawberry Yoplait.” “Is this a color found in nature?”

Taste: “Seeds mask the strawberry flavor.” “Grains are overwhelming.” “Grains add a bitter taste.”

Texture: “Actually too smooth.” “Nothing distinguishes it from the other textures.” “Needs to be thicker.”

Vanilla (45)

Appearance: “Off-putting, because grains look like chocolate, but aren’t.” “As pale as it gets.” “Lacks character.”

Taste: “Vanilla doesn’t hold its own.” “Rich vanilla aroma, but weak taste.” “Tastes like a vanilla candle smells.”

Texture: “Extra-mushy and liquid-y.” “Slimy.” “Needs some body.”

Spiced Apple (40)

Appearance: “Kind of tan.” “Looks like spiced apple jam.” “More visual character than others.”

Taste: “Sour and mildew-y.” “Weird cinnamon aftertaste.” “Tastes like bitter chemicals.”

Texture: “Only four pieces of apple, not encouraging.” “Verging on slimy.” “Again with the distracting soft seeds.”

Allen Pierleoni: 916-321-1128, @apierleonisacbe