Grab a bag and munch a bunch of Crunchers

Try a snack that’s super-crunchy and full of flavor.
Try a snack that’s super-crunchy and full of flavor.

Bored with the usual lineup of granola mixes, we sought something…well, different. And we found it when we plucked the last bag of Sahale Crunchers Fruit & Almond Snack off the supermarket shelf ($4.50 for 4 ounces).

Curious, my breakfast pal and I didn’t make it to the car before opening the bag, tasting the contents and making them quickly vanish. We had the cherries-apples-maple version. Here’s what the company has to say: “We combine roasted sliced almonds with naturally dried cherries and apples. The mix is lightly glazed with maple and finished with a touch of cinnamon.”

Sahale suggests adding the mix to salads, yogurt, oatmeal and ice cream. A fine notion, if you can actually get it home and into the kitchen. Give this one four stars and order more.

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