Family recipes find a new life in an old way

“Cooking up Memories”
“Cooking up Memories” Courtesy of publisher

Most home cooks have a few favorite cookbooks, and many of them dream about writing and publishing their own.

They can, sort of, with the well-organized “Cooking Up Memories: From You To Me” (by the staff of Cooking Up Memories, $18, 150 pages; The website notes: “The demise in popularity of the art and fun of journal-writing often means that many of the memories that make family life so fascinating and fun are left untold.”

This old-school-is-new-school write-it-in cooking journal allows the home cook to tell her or his story by passing on recipes, tips, anecdotes and food-related family history to the next generation. It’s a satisfying meal at the table of family genealogy, whose popularity has surged in recent years.

The guidelines are clear: Each recipe page asks for the recipe name, the story behind the recipe, the ingredients and the directions. To further personalize it, the book opens with a series of prompts, such as, “If you could invite anyone from the present day or from history to your dinner party, who would the be?” “Tell your funniest cooking memories.” “Who has influenced you most with regard to food and cooking?” “What were some of your favorite childhood foods?”

Don’t you wish your mom or aunt would record her recipes and pass them on to you?

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