Five course vegan dinner seeks to redefine what farm-to-fork means

The $55-per-person Vegan Chef’s Table dinner has sold out, so we’re not writing this to help Appetizer readers decide whether to go. Just the fact that 50 people in Sacramento were so eager to participate in a high-end dining experience that doesn’t include meat, dairy and eggs is news in itself.

The event, which will be held this Sunday from 6-9 p.m. at Blackbird kitchen + beer gallery, features a collection of chefs eager to make a statement about a different way to look at “America’s farm-to-fork capital.”

Bethany Davis, founder of the popular Vegan Chef Challenge every October, says the upscale dinner is a reaction to the Sept. 27 Tower Bridge dinner gala, the $175 per person extravaganza that sold out in mere seconds and is considered the focal point of the annual farm-to-fork celebration.

“That whole event involves a lot of chefs but is very meat-centric even though it’s supposed to be farm-to-fork,” Davis said. “We’re doing this as something that is truly farm-to-fork — not farm-to-ranch.”

The line-up of chefs for this five-course dinner is impressive, including Blackbird chef/owner Carina Lampkin (along with Joelle Dennis and Antwan Handy), Chris Barnum of Localis, Matt Brown and F.J. Villalobos of 58 Degrees; Suleka Sun-Lindley of Thai Basil; and Raphael Kendall of Capitol Garage. Metro Kitchen & Drinkery will be making juice cocktails for the occasion.

The dinner is a fundraiser, with proceeds going to “provide access for low-income Sacramento area residents to be able to purchase fresh, organic, local produce,” Davis said.

Blair Anthony Robertson: 916-321-1099, @Blarob