Best soups: Readers ladle up their picks

The three-mushroom soup at Piatti is one of our 16 favorites.
The three-mushroom soup at Piatti is one of our 16 favorites.

In last week’s Feast section (Feb. 7), my colleague Carla Meyer and I revisited 16 of our favorites and served them as a sampler. They touch on many nationalities and styles, but all are made from scratch, using the best ingredients.

We asked you to ladle up your own favorite restaurant soups, and you replied:

Ken in Folsom: “Taiwan beef noodle soup at the airport in Taiwan is enough reason to make sure to have enough of a layover to get some. I’m looking forward to the beef noodle soup at Yang’s to see how it compares.

I really enjoy the roast duck wonton soup at KP International Market in Rancho Cordova. Hard to describe, so here’s a link to the picture. KP’s other soups at the food court are also very enjoyable. The wor wonton is among my favorites as well, and the (Vietnamese) pho stands up to any I’ve had locally.”

Jim in Sacramento: “My favorite soup is the creamy, hearty Czech kulajda offered frequently at 19 Handles (formerly Kilt Pub) on Arden Way. It is made with heavy cream, milk, potatoes, mushrooms, hard-boiled eggs, dill, vinegar and caraway seeds. The pub owner personally makes it the way her mother taught her in her home country. What I like most is its slightly sour Eastern European comfort-food feeling.”

Danny in Sacramento: “The soup I love is mulligatawny. I learned how to make it at Malarkey’s on Broadway in 1990, and I make it at home. It is a very tasty English soup, but I have never seen it anywhere except on the ‘Soup Nazi’ episode of ‘Seinfeld.’”

Bill in Rescue: “My second favorite soup is albondigas (meatball) at Durango’s in Placerville. My all-time favorite is wor wonton at China City in Cameron Park. I do want to try the wor wonton at Lotus 8 in Folsom.”

Karun in Sacramento: “How can you leave off Le Bonne Soupe Cafe’s amazing options? My favorites are the cream of mushroom and the cream of vegetable, especially when you can taste the artichokes in the veggie in the spring.”

John in Sacramento: “I’m a dedicated soup eater and have a favorite. Pho Saigon Bay on Stockton Boulevard has the best seafood pho in Sacramento. I have tried at least six places and this is by far the best.”

Carly in Sacramento: “Vallejos makes the best pozole.”

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