Local food blog Cowtown Eats scales back postings

A screen grab from Cowtown Eats blog.
A screen grab from Cowtown Eats blog. Cowtown Eats

One of Sacramento’s leading food blogs is undergoing a self-imposed diet – that is, in terms of content. Cowtown Eats, the local food news aggregator and compiler of happy hours, has scaled back its frequency of postings and plans to only publish intermittently in the near future.

Darrel Ng, the creator of Cowtown Eats, hasn’t posted a news update on the site since Feb. 17. That’s an exceptionally long stretch for a blog that normally posted almost every day, but Ng says family and work obligations have taken precedence over keeping Cowtown Eats updated.

The site launched in 2009 as a means for locals to scan happy hours options around the area, but branched into reporting Sacramento area food news and sharing links to other local food writing. Cowtown Eats landed some news scoops of its own, including exclusives on Plan B adding a midtown location and the first official comments from Capital Tea Garden owners on why the longtime restaurant was closing.

At its height, Ng says Cowtown Eats received more than 70,000 page views per month.

“Seven years and nearly 3,000 posts later, things have changed,” Ng said in an e-mail. “I’m married, I have a house and I have a much more demanding job. On top of that, my wife and I had our first child late last year.”

Ng says Cowtown Eats isn’t going away for good, but he simply can’t dedicate the same amount of time for the site. In the past, Ng spent more than 10 hours each week updating Cowtown Eats – time now dedicated to his growing family. He expects to update Cowtown Eats “several times a month” but that will depend on how much sleep he’s getting, he said.

“I had to prioritize,” Ng said. “On their death beds, nobody ever says they regret not spending more time on their food news/happy hour Web site. ... I still have things I want to share and write about. It’ll just have to be when I have a little more time.”

Chris Macias: 916-321-1253, @chris_macias