Will Drewski’s Hot Rod Kitchen roll out the Krush Burger truck?

Andrew “Drewski” Blaskovich of Drewski's Hot Rod Kitchen may have designs on the Krush Burger’s idle food truck.
Andrew “Drewski” Blaskovich of Drewski's Hot Rod Kitchen may have designs on the Krush Burger’s idle food truck.

For a little while this weekend, it looked like one more rig was poised to roll onto Sacramento’s gourmet food truck scene. That was the impression left by veteran food-truck operator Andrew “Drewski” Blaskovich when he recently posted on Facebook that he’s expanding his Drewski’s Hot Rod Kitchen presence in the Sacramento area – with a twist.

Lamenting the absence of restaurateur Davin Vculek’s Krush Burger food truck on the streets and at events sponsored by the the food-truck advocacy group SactoMoFo (Sacramento Mobile Food), Blankovich wrote that he “felt it would be an injustice to the food truck world to let Krush Burger mobile die. ... So I decided to buy the truck and keep it a Krush Burger.”

However, in a brief phone call on Saturday, April 9, Blaskovich told The Bee he had taken down the Facebook post, and would say only, “We’re excited about the possibilities of working together.” He added he would call later in the week with the details when whatever it is that needed to be settled had been settled.

The Bee called Vculek at his Rocklin restaurant, but he would not come to the phone. Instead, a manager speaking for him said, “He is not available to make a comment on that today.”

Blaskovich and Vculek, along with Lisandro “Chando” Madrigal, helped pioneer the gourmet food truck movement in Sacramento about five years ago. Now “about 50 new-age gourmet trucks are on the road in Sacramento County, along with 150 traditional catering-type trucks,” said SactoMoFo director Paul Somerhausen.

In the beginning, food trucks in this city were a novelty, partly because of ongoing restrictive city ordinances that limit their parking times and prohibit them from entering certain locations. Still, when a window opened, curious crowds lined up for Blaskovich’s grilled cheese sandwiches at his Drewski’s Hot Rod Kitchen truck, for Vculek’s beef sliders at his MiniBurger truck, and for Madrigal’s Mexican food at his Chando’s Tacos stand and truck.

The trio has been much busier since those days. Blasvovich added a second Hot Rod Kitchen truck and a catering arm, ran the food program for a year at downtown's Republic Bar & Grill, opened and closed a cafe in Folsom, moved his central operation to McClellan Park, and opened the brick-and-mortar Drewski’s Pit Stop there.

Vculek rebranded his MiniBurger truck to Krush Burger and moved into his first brick-and-mortar store in early 2013, in the California Lottery headquarters in Sacramento. Since then, he has expanded into three more permanent stores in the Sacramento area, and one in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. It’s believed he “parked” the Krush Burger truck to focus on his growing restaurant chain.

Madrigal recently announced he has spent $800,000 on a fourth brick-and-mortar location in West Sacramento, a 9,599-square-foot space that will serve as the chain’s headquarters. It will include a restaurant, office space and cooking facility that will help jump-start future expansion, he said.

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