Teas, coffee and root beer are the stars of Brewla all-natural frozen bars

Brewla bars take the frozen bar to the next level.
Brewla bars take the frozen bar to the next level.

Finally, fruit-based frozen bars for adults have arrived.

The Brewla company’s six flavors aren’t too sweet, drippy or loaded with preservatives, and they’re fortified with a multitude of vitamins (but you wouldn’t know it).

Though some of the flavors are bolder than others, the taste-testers gave thumbs-up to all of them. We liked the icy texture, unique flavors and healthful benefits, and thought the colorful packaging is a big selling point.

They contain no caffeine, 50 or fewer calories (the sweetener is cane sugar) and are kosher. Four are made with white and red craft-brewed teas, and one with hibiscus tea. Two others are essentially frozen root beer and coffee.

The Hero is cherry-pomegranate-red tea; the Lifeguard is strawberry-hibiscus tea; the Lullaby is peach-ginger-white tea (our favorite); the Luau is tropical fruits-white tea; the Doctor is root beer; and the Barista is cold-brewed coffee.

Boxes of five bars are $5 to $6 in supermarkets.

Allen Pierleoni: 916-321-1128, @apierleonisacbe