Snack like a carnivore with Epic Bites and Bars

Epic protein snacks are made in Austin, Texas.
Epic protein snacks are made in Austin, Texas.

You probably wouldn’t serve the new Epic Bites and Bars as appetizers at your next dinner party, but the flavor-filled tidbits are ideal companions on the hiking trail, at the campsite and aboard the boat. Or when you’re sitting around watching sports on TV.

Epic Bites are surprisingly tender morsels of grain-free, lightly smoked protein in jerky-like form. They’re made “by combining whole animal muscle meat with flavor-forward spice combinations” and “superfood seeds and fruit.” They’re available in eight flavors of six proteins from the Austin, Texas-based company – bison, pork, beef, chicken, salmon and turkey ($7 for 2.5 ounces).

Epic Bars are similar, but in larger pieces. They come in a dozen flavors, sourced from wild boar, lamb, venison, bison and the like ($2.80 for 1.5 ounces). Think in terms of the Paleo diet: The beef is grass-fed, the salmon wild-caught, the fowl cage-free.

We tasted Turkey Bites (with cranberry and sage), Uncured Bacon & Pork Bites (with maple and blueberry) and the Salmon Bar (with sea salt and black pepper). Tasty, sweet-salty and satisfying, though a little goes a long way.

Find them at Whole Foods Markets, REI outdoors stores and at

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