Eat these foods, live to 100? Really?

Can you smell the garlic and onion cooking?
Can you smell the garlic and onion cooking? Washington Post

The editors and writers at the all-things-food-and-drink site Daily Meal remind us of something we seem to keep forgetting: “Everyone claims to have a secret to extending your lifespan, sometimes an unlikely one — a daily cup of coffee, some cocktails or even bacon,” they write. “But the best way to live a long, healthy life, most authorities agree, is by consuming lots of fruit, vegetables, and whole grains.” And this: “The key to longevity is moderation.”

With those tenets in mind, they offer a list of foods to help us stay upright. The good news: wine, chocolate and garlic are among them. For full disclosure (with recipes) and to see a slideshow, click here.

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