Vote today for our Malt Madness beer bracket champion

Hoppy Brewing Company and Sactown Union Brewery will go head to head in the final round of our Malt Madness beer bracket tournament.

Starting as the No. 6 seed in the IPA bracket, Hoppy has had a Cinderella run through the tournament. The longtime East Sacramento brewer edged out Final Four opponent Tilted Mash by only 7 votes. Hoppy is currently closed as it moves to Midtown, so there won’t be any on-site celebrating if it wins the championship.

The other finalist, Sactown Union, also hails from East Sacramento. The brewery started the tournament as the No. 2 seed in the Pilsner bracket, and defeated New Glory by a mere 16 votes to advance to the championship. Sactown opened in 2015 near Sacramento State.

Earlier in the tournament, exuberant voting by a two IP addresses had delivered hundreds of votes to Hoppy’s cause (other breweries had similar but not as fervent support) but in recent rounds this type of voting was eliminated.

[ Download a printable bracket ]

Voting for the championship will conclude Monday after the NCAA National Basketball Championship. You’re welcome to share Malt Madness and each head-to-head poll on Facebook and Twitter, but you can’t vote more than once from this device.

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