Oak Park Brewing Co. closes after cockroaches, mice, weevils found in kitchen

A copper-clad door with porthole leads to the brewery at Oak Park Brewing Co.
A copper-clad door with porthole leads to the brewery at Oak Park Brewing Co.

Update: Oak Park Brewing Co. reopened at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday after a follow-up health inspection.

Oak Park Brewing Co. remained closed Monday after a Sacramento County health inspector found cockroaches, weevils and dead rodents on multiple visits to the brewery and kitchen over the weekend.

An inspector found more than 60 dead or alive German cockroaches Friday afternoon, roughly half of which were around the brewing equipment. An undisclosed number of dead Oriental cockroaches — darker, shinier and slightly larger than their German cousins — were also found on glue traps in the kitchen and both front and back brewing areas.

Oak Park Brewing Co. also had more than 100 mouse droppings along the walls of its back brewing area, 20 droppings both atop an open bulk bag of malt and on the bottom shelf of a prep sink, and 10 droppings atop the lid of a bulk container of masa, according to the health inspector's report.

Two dead rodents were found in a glue trap next to a door in the back brewing area. More than 20 weevils were also found inside the masa container.

When the inspector went back Saturday morning, he found 14 live and more than 20 dead cockroaches as well as several rodent droppings by carbon dioxide tanks in a back room. The masa container had been disposed of.

Oak Park Brewing Co. posted to Facebook on Friday that they would close for the night due to unforeseen circumstances, prompting one person to later respond, "Unforeseen? You mean you really didn't see the roaches crawling on your walls?" Co-owner Tom Karvonen did not respond to the Bee's request for comment.

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