Oak Park Brewing Co. reopens after pest infestation

The draft beer list behind the bar at Oak Park Brewing Co.
The draft beer list behind the bar at Oak Park Brewing Co.

Oak Park Brewing Co. reopened for business Tuesday after Sacramento County health inspectors shut down the brewery and restaurant for four days.

An inspector discovered dozens of living and dead cockroaches as well as two dead mice, weevils in a container of masa and more than 150 rodent droppings Friday, forcing the business to close temporarily.

It remained closed Saturday after a follow-up inspection that morning uncovered 14 live cockroaches and more than 20 dead.

Oak Park Brewing Co. failed its third inspection Monday when an additional mouse was found dead in a snap trap near restroom supplies. The inspector also found 16 live and five dead cockroaches in the kitchen, bar and brewing areas, and 22 mouse droppings near the restroom storage and back brewing areas.

The brewery and restaurant passed its follow-up inspection Tuesday, a full report of which was not immediately available, and opened its doors at 11:30 a.m.

Oak Park Brewing Co. previously passed a county health inspection on April 27 despite a major violation for refrigerating meatballs at 12 degrees above the California Health and Safety Code standard. Steak, cooked rice, cheese, mussels and eggs were all also being kept slightly above the mandated temperatures.

Co-owner Tom Karvonen did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In a now-deleted Facebook comment, the person running Oak Park Brewing Co.'s account wrote Monday that no cockroaches were out in plain sight during the day and the inspector found the infestation after peeling back baseboards.

Another post Tuesday night said Oak Park Brewing Co. had deep-cleaned its facilities, sealed pest entry-points and would implement new handling, cleaning and storage procedures.

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It's a well-designed, cool neighborhood spot. Photos and video by Carla Meyer

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