Persimmons recipes

In season in California: September through November

How to choose good persimmons: The two most popular varieties of persimmons in California are the acorn-shaped Hachiyas and the tomato-shaped Fuyus. Look for Hachiyas that are very soft, almost. Fuyus can be eaten when they are crisp. Whatever the variety, choose persimmons that have deep, saturated colors. Some black staining on the skin is not a problem, and some folks claim this means the fruit is especially sweet.

Taste: Fuyu are crisp and sweet and the skin can be eaten or peeled. They are great in fruit salads and are the better variety for eating fresh. Hachiya are best for cooking but eaten raw when very soft. When eating raw, best eaten chilled and scooped out with a spoon.

Health benefits: According to Science Daily, persimmons contain high concentrations of dietary fiber, minerals and phenolic compounds – all instrumental in fighting atherosclerosis, a leading cause of heart disease, heart attacks and stroke.