The Mailbox: Grandmother’s recipe

Grandmother’s recipe

I am in need of your help once again. About 55 years ago, when our grandmother was still alive, she used to make a sausage meat mixture (either German or Italian) every fall. It tasted something like the summer sausage we know today.

She made it in large batches. She used a sausage hand crank machine to mix it, then she stuffed the sausage meat into casings by machine. She would then tie off each sausage at both ends and then one or two times in the middle, depending on its length.

The sausage was then taken up to the attic and hung to air dry for about three to four weeks. It was taken down and wrapped for the freezer.

It could be lightly simmered until cooked through or put into a large frying pan and cooked over low to medium heat.

My grandmother also made a pork sausage in large batches with all types of seasonings. She made 1-pound packages of this sausage and froze it.

When we wanted something special, we would pull out a package from the freezer and cook it for breakfast with fried potatoes, toast and coffee.

I hope someone has recipes for these sausages. Thank you for your help.

– John J. Capaul, Sacramento