The Mailbox by Teri Watson

Zukes and away

I used to have a recipe for a zucchini dish that was very good. I lost it in a move, so I hope someone can help me. You slice the zucchini lengthwise, dip the slices in breading, fry them a short time, then put them in a baking dish. You then pour a tomato sauce over the top and bake it. Thanks for any help.

– E. Lindgren, Pioneer

Pumpkin muffin was great

Last Saturday I had a delicious lunch at Heidi’s in Carson City, Nev. I ordered the fruit plate which came with strawberry yogurt and a very good pumpkin muffin. This was the first pumpkin muffin I’ve ever had. I’ve looked for a recipe in cookbooks with no luck. I’ve also checked grocery stores for a mix but couldn’t find any. Does anyone have a recipe to share? I’m sure my husband would love them. Thank you.

– Betty Beller, Placerville

Cheesy and easy

I am hoping someone can help me find a favorite recipe that I’ve had for years. I lost the recipe in a move. It was for cheddar cheese bread. It called for cheddar cheese, regular flour, yeast and maybe eggs. The best part of the recipe is that the dough does not need to be kneaded, you just mix everything in a bowl and pour into pans. This bread is delicious and so easy.

I never miss your column. Thank you and your readers for many great recipes and ideas.

– Irene Jensen, Sacramento