The Mailbox: Reader requests to Teri Mena

Calamari is a winner

I love the food served at Rudy’s Hideaway on Folsom Boulevard in Rancho Cordova. I take my grandchildren there on their birthdays. We all enjoy the lobster and clam chowder, but we love the calamari appetizer. I asked for the recipe, but they were unable to share it with me. The calamari is breaded and appears to be deep-fried.

Other restaurants serve calamari like curly Q’s but I prefer the way Rudy’s serves their calamari; they are about the size and shape of big pretzel sticks. They are delicious. Thank you.

– Joel Donahoe, Fair Oaks

Using up meatloaf

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to use leftover meatloaf? I’ve used it in spaghetti sauce. Any soup ideas? Thanks.

– Nancy Brewer,


Just like grandmother’s

Does anyone know the recipe that is used for curry beef bun (bao) sold by ABC Bakery on Florin Road? The curry sauce used tastes identical to the one that my grandmother used when I was a child. I have not been able to duplicate it.

Thank you for all your help.

– Celina Ing, Sacramento