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Looking for the perfect holiday dip? Grills & Greens mixes up the cream and crunch

Borani yogurt dip at Grills & Greens.
Borani yogurt dip at Grills & Greens.

At the inexpensive, high-quality “new Persian” fast-casual spot Grills & Greens in Rancho Cordova, nearly everything is made in-house, including a borani yogurt dip loaded with blanched spinach, kale and chard that alternates cream and crunch. For $9.99, patrons can take away a holiday-party-perfect 16-ounce container of the borani dip and two big pieces of pita bread. Or they can get the equally fresh eggplant-and-grilled-onion dip, which also comes with bread.

$9.99, Grills & Greens (3040 Sunrise Blvd., Rancho Cordova), 916-853-2265

Carla Meyer