Wine pairings for those occasional rich foods

Tribune News Service

It’s almost October, so you’ve probably broken your 2016 New Year’s resolutions by now. I know I have. In fact, a University of Scranton survey found that 29 percent of people broke their vows within two weeks, 36 percent within a month and 52 percent were back in their bad old ways by July.

What are these perishable resolutions? Almost 40 percent of us want to be healthier – by losing weight, exercising more and/or eating better, a Marist poll says.

But if you’re going to eat all those rich foods the rest of this year, let me list some hearty wines that pair nicely with them and might, some scientists say, even be good for you. In moderation, of course.

With that macaroni and cheese, an equally rich chardonnay.

With that juice-dripping “ossobuco” veal shank, a mellow red merlot.

With your fast-food mega-cheese mega-burger, a soft, rich red shiraz.

With that redolent roast chicken, a big, rich blend of sauvignon blanc and semillon.

With the butter-soaked shrimp scampi, a crisp white Italian pinot grigio.

With deep-fried chicken nuggets, a crisp, dry rosé to cut the fat.

With that 2-pound rib-eye steak grilled to perfection, a muscular cabernet sauvignon.

With those spicy baby-back ribs, a dense, rich zinfandel.

With that “too-much chocolate” Bundt cake, a rich, powerful red port.


▪ 2013 Murphy-Goode “Liar’s Dice” Zinfandel, Sonoma County (96 percent zinfandel, 4 percent petite sirah): big and hearty and mellow, with aromas and flavors of black raspberries and chocolate; $21.

▪ Nonvintage Cockburn’s Special Reserve Port, Douro Superior, Portugal (20 percent alcohol): rich, sweet and powerful, with flavors of black cherries and cinnamon; $18.

▪ 2015 Benziger Family Winery Syrah Rosé, Sonoma Mountain, fruity but dry, with aromas and flavors of ripe strawberries and raspberries; $26.


▪ 2014 Nielson Chardonnay, by Byron, Santa Maria Valley (100 percent chardonnay): hint of oak, rich and creamy, with floral aromas and tropical citrus flavors; $27.

▪ 2015 Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio, delle Venezie IGT (94 percent pinot grigio, 6 percent chardonnay): light, lean and crisp, with lemon-lime flavors; $12.

▪ 2014 Concrete Cabernet Sauvignon, Lodi (100 percent cabernet sauvignon): hint of oak, big, ripe tannins, aromas and flavors of cassis and espresso; $20.

▪ 2014 Cadaretta “SBS” (Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon), Columbia Valley, Wash. (80 percent sauvignon blanc, 20 percent semillon): rich and lush, with aromas and flavors of limes and green apples; $23,

▪ 2013 Kendall-Jackson Merlot “Grand Reserve,” Sonoma County (98 percent merlot): hint of oak, lush and mellow; $26.