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Here are five exhibits you won't want to miss on Saturday

Dixie Law’s “Layered Leaf 1” at Axis Gallery
Dixie Law’s “Layered Leaf 1” at Axis Gallery

CK Art

Sandy Parris’ intuitive mixed media abstraction “Fall Pods” is one of the strong works in “Earthen Abstracts,” a group show at the new midtown gallery CK Art, 2500 J Street. (916) 497-0278.

Tim Collom Gallery

William Ishmael’s “Emptiness is Form,” a work made of plexiglass sheets suspended with directional light casting shadows on the wall, is one of the handsome and inventive works in his solo show at Tim Collom Gallery, 915-20th Street. (916) 849-0302.

Axis Gallery

Dixie Laws’ “Layered Leaf I,” a linocut on two layers of fabric and netting, is included in her strong solo show of new linoleum and monotype prints at Axis Gallery, 625 S Street. .

Sparrow Gallery

Bob Androvich’s humorous collage “Which One is Bird-Brained,” is included in “Crow Show,” a large group exhibition devoted to the amazingly canny Corvine at Sparrow Gallery, 1021 R Street, First Floor. (916) 382-4894.

Gallery Artspace1616

“Three Wishes is Three Wishes Too Many” is included in internationally known ceramic sculptor Mark Lancet’s strong exhibition, along with shows of paintings by Lou Bermingham and whimsical prints by Sandra Cappelletti, at Gallery Artspace1616, 1616 Del Paso Boulevard. (916) 849-1127.